SOL☀️Risers Challenge at Summit Sol

SOL☀️Risers Challenge at Summit Sol

The Sol☀️Risers Challenge! 21 Days of morning yoga: Monday, November 27 – Sunday, December 17

We will teach you, challenge you, and most importantly: support you!

🌄 Daily morning yoga

🌄Points for every morning class

🌄Double points for the earliest classes!

Look for the ☀️ on the schedule to note which classes are included in the challenge

  • How does it work? The challenge tracks your morning yoga with a Sun Point System:
    • Target is 10 sun points per week! (Total points achievable each week is 11)
    • Depending on the day and time, morning classes will earn you 1 or 2 sun points
      • ☀️(1 point): Tu 7:30am, Wed 7am, Fri 7am, Sat 9am, Sun 9am
      • ☀️☀️(2 points): Mon 7am, Tu 6am, Th 6:30am
  • Need to make up points for the week? Try a weekend double-header!
    • If you attend 9am AND 10:30am, you’ll get 1 bonus point
  • Everyone who reaches 30 points during the 3-week challenge will receive 25% off their January membership (or their next Class Pack!)
  • The top 3 scores will receive a special Summit Sol Prize, such as:
    • Free month of membership
    • Massage
    • Coffee/Tea for a month!

$150 to Enter! Includes 1 yoga class per day for 21 days (<$8 per class!) 

SOL☀️Mates (our Summit Sol Members):

  • Unlimited Members: Enter Challenge for only $25
  • Basic Memberships: Option to Freeze membership + purchase Sol Risers Pack with 10% off ($135)

WHY Do Yoga in the Morning?

🧘🏽Warms up our muscles, joints, ligaments for the day, which can help prevent injuries

🧘🏽Kickstarts metabolism

🧘🏽Reduces stress

🧘🏽Drains lymph nodes, helping our immune systems

🧘🏽Creates a routine of discipline and support

🧘🏽Elevates mental focus: increasing productivity, and overall well-being

What to expect?

✨you will move

✨you will build strength and flexibility

✨you will feel productive

✨you will meet wonderful people

✨you will challenge your body and mind

✨you might just change your habits to become a morning person!


Create Your Own Challenge! We understand that our schedule doesn’t work for everyone, if the idea of 21-days of yoga excites you, but you can’t commit to mornings, send us an email and we can create a custom program (an additional $50 will be applied for custom programs : you will get access to all the challenge communication, motivation, perks, and celebrations, plus your own personal accountability!)


Interested but not ready to commit? Email and let’s chat!

Click to register button in the shape of a sun

$150 Entry

Click to register button in the shape of a sun

$25 Entry for Summit Sol Members